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To receive fantastic offers and promotions from local businesses just TEXT "stratford" to 60777

Will it cost me anything to sign up?

It will cost you one text message, but as most people now have contracts with a text bundle included, in effect it will cost you nothing to sign up and free to receive any offers we send.

I don't want to get bombarded with text messages!

We couldn't agree more! We have no intention of sending lots of text messages, quite the opposite. As we need your permission to send our texts, the last thing we want to do is annoy customers with multiple texts which will only result in them unsubscribing.

How often will I get a text?

We are aiming to send 2 weekly text message with details of the latest offers. Occasionally we may send another "flash sale" text if a really  great offer suddenly becomes available.

I deleted my text but I want to see what the offers were.

No problem. All offers will also be posted here on the website

I want to stop receiving the text messages.

Please just text STRATFORDSTOP to 60777.

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