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Creaky Cauldron

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Tel: 01789 290969
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The Enchanting World of Wizard's Thatch!

Explore Magic Alley in Stratford upon Avon and buy a handmade numbered wand, some ingredients for your spells or a signed copy of one of the Wizard's Thatch books; you can also grab an original recipe Butter'dBeer or Spiced Pumpkin Milkshake in the Golden Broomstick.

About The Experience!

As well as viewing the gifts room you will also be able to freely wander the corridors of the Enchanted Manor where you'll find outfits worn by members of the Bombay Family, a room full of confiscated magical artefacts from Dr Bombay's travels with Will Shakespeare and of course more history of Wizard's Thatch and the Ministry of Time.

Lose yourself in an Enchanting World of Wizardry...

Just take two large cupfuls of imagination, a pinch of wonder with a dash of magical delight and a magical mirror. Add to a heady mixture of stardust and moonbeams, and stir well. Then step back and allow the magic to begin as you enter an enchanting world of storytelling at Magic Alley and the Enchanted Manor in Stratford upon Avon.

Quick Guide
  • A fun family day out full of magic.
  • Join us in our beautiful café!
  • Enthusiastic friendly staff.

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