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Rolyís Fudge Stratford

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Ask for Andy & Kate
Tel: 01789 294414
Mob: 07983 480533
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Story Of Our Fudge!

Rolyís started in 1987 when the founders started to make homemade fudge in their farmhouse cottage kitchen. They decided to use natural ingredients whenever possible, and that it should be made with only traditional methods. Using a large copper cauldron obtained from a Devon antique shop, they followed an old family recipe to make the first batch of traditional vanilla clotted cream, using lashings of Devon butter.

A Bit About Us!

Rolyís Fudge Stratford-upon-Avon has been open since the summer of 2014, and is run by Andy and Kate. All our fudge is made in the shop and we pack all of our gift bags and boxes here too. We offer a range of brilliant creamy, crumbly fresh fudge and gifts ideas for visitors and tourists to the town, and we also have become the favourite shop for many locals!

6 Steps To Making Fudge...

Step 1 - the fudge is cooked in our traditional copper pans in full view of our customers, Step 2 - After stirring with a paddle we carefully form it into a baguette shape, Step 3 - Once it cools into its characteristically crumbly texture, we cut it into pieces, Step 4 - Itís ready to eat! As we can cook up to several batches every day, it will always be fresh, Step 5 -Once it cools into its characteristically crumbly texture, we cut it into pieces, Step 6 - Itís ready to eat!

Quick Guide
  • Our Fudge is fresh, crumbly & delicious!
  • We can supply anything from birthday parties to corporate gifts.
  • We are open Seasonally 7 days a week!

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