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Alain Rouveure Galleries

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What do we have to offer?

An fascinating selection of pottery, hand-woven fabrics and old textiles, silk and pashmina shawls and throws, jewellery with silver, turquoise, coral and other beautiful and delicate semi-precious stones, hand-made papers, masks, secular and ritual tribal art, enchanting singing bowls, exquisitely carved copper and gilt bronze figures, "Thangka" paintings by Newari artists using jewel colours enhanced with 18 carat gold, antique Tibetan furniture and, of course, those famous Tibetan rugs.

About our products.

Every product on display at the Galleries - and on sale across this website - whether new or old, is unique and has been selected for its quality, obvious visual appeal and above all, for the ethical nature of its production and provenance. With successful trading since 1979, Alain Rouveure guarantees the exceptional quality of all the products presented and that... looting of temples no child labour no use of harmful chemicals no environmentally damaging synthetic dyes are involved in production processes.

About the founder!

Alain's commitment to the wellbeing of the craftsmen and women he so admires and the Alain Rouveure Foundation have won him many awards and attracted great media attention over the years. He is also a member of several organisations that support these uniquely talented people.

Quick Guide
  • Opening times 10.00am to 5.00pm Wednesdays to Sundays as well as Bank Holiday Mondays
  • We are involved in of charity work across the globe!
  • Pop into our quaint café for a cuppa after you browse.

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