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O'Nessy's Ltd

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About us

Toys are as varied as the little people who play them. Our range of wooden and soft toys will take them into a magical fantasy world full of exciting characters and mystical creatures. All they need is imagination. All of our toys are completely safe to little hands, as we select only quality, durable toys, so that you and your children can enjoy them for years to come. We believe that a favourite teddy bear, doll or wooden toy train set should last for generations. It goes without saying that all our products come from reputable sources and are CE certified to make sure that they meet stringent safety requirements. We also offer eco friendly toys too, so you can be sure you are helping the environment as well as having a beautiful, quality toy for your child. O'Nessy's was born to share my passion for making children giggle and smile. When my two gorgeous boys were born, I decided I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. I am sure every parent, grandparent, uncles and aunts, will all agree, there is nothing as wonderful as seeing a child happily playing. My two boys Connor and Ciaran, check all of my toys before I bring them to you, to ensure that they are fun to play with and stand up to wear and tear. So you can be assured that your children will love them too. We are constantly looking for new toys to share with you. If there is something that you would love to see that isn't in our store on on our website, just let us know and we will try to find it for you.

O'Nessy's Eco Policy

At O’Nessy’s we are passionate about protecting our environment and making it a beautiful place for our children to live in. In choosing our toys we strive to ensure that the products we choose, and the manufacturers who make them, are as passionate as we are about protecting the environment. We ensure our manufacturers aim to reduce the impact that both their products and their manufacturing processes have on the environment , whilst maintaining the quality and safety of the fun products they produce. Our policy is the corner stone of our business and provides the foundation in everything we do, our policy includes but is not limited to:- Our Suppliers supply products that have adhered to our environmental policy. We reduce our carbon footprint by recycling all recyclable materials. We reduce reliance on packaging, so minimising waste. We improve efficiencies on finite natural resources in all of our company’s operations and in all departments. We re-use packaging where possible, whilst ensuring our products are safe in transit. We look for manufactures who use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood, which gives us the reassurance that the wood used has derived from managed forests and that the forests are sustainable. The FSC promote the responsible management of the world’s forests, and so ensuring we are not contributing to their destruction. The majority of our suppliers use Beech wood. This wood is plentiful and there is almost an inexhaustible supply. It is a high quality wood, very durable and very sustainable. Bamboo is another great choice for our manufacturers. Bamboo is a type of grass which is fast growing and replenishes quickly. It is a great natural resource and gives a quality, smooth finish to our toys.

O'Nessy's Fair Trade Policy

All our fair trade products contribute to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, disadvantaged producers and workers in developing countries. Our fair trade/Ethical policy, is to ensure that none of our manufacturers employ child labour, and conditions for workers are of a very high standard and offer a comfortable working environment. Labour No child or forced labour. Each employee is a part of the company and treated as such. The development of individual skills is encouraged. A culture of leading by example is cultivated. Reasonable working hours are maintained. Sustaining a humane working environment is imperative Discrimination of any form is strictly prohibited. Safety Fire systems, equipment and alarms are regularly maintained. Timely drills are carried out for emergency evacuations. Electrical equipment and wiring are under strict compliance with government/Electricity Board regulations. Entrances and pathways are kept clutter-free. Proper lighting, air circulation and workspace maintenance are ensured to create a comfortable working environment. Pay and Welfare Strict adherence to state/BOI standards and compliances, often surpassing government sanctioned regulations. Wages are above the government stipulated minimum Dining rooms, changing rooms and sanitary facilities are well-maintained. Drinking water is available at all times. A stress-free and enjoyable working atmosphere is encouraged. First-aid facilities are provided, along with sick rooms and in-house nursing.

Quick Guide
  • Wooden Toys - O'Nessy's toys & games have been made for children to help them play, learn and grow. O'Nessy's firmly believe that wood is the best material for toys due to its wonderful properties. O'Nessy's use regenerative and sustainable wood for their toys. Our robust wooden toys are often passed down for many generations. We use only high-quality wood from natural reforestation projects to manufacture our wooden toys and all paints and varnishes are all water-based. All toys naturally meet the stringent European requirements of standard EN 71.
  • Rag Dolls - The ethos of O'Nessy's is traditional, ethical sourced and wholesome rag dolls and soft toys. We love to find toys that have an added special quality such as being handmade or simply because they are reminiscent of traditional toys from times past, in a world where plastic and throwaway toys dominate. We want our toys to be treasured, so our rag dolls would like to become a new best friend, our dolls are a perfect keepsake, our soft toys are expecting to be cuddled and our crochet toys are created by hand to be a cherished and unique gift. O'Nessy's - adorable toys to be loved and cherished.
  • Soft Toys - Babies, toddlers and children smile with wonder at the cute designs and quirky expressions, parents smile at the joy of watching their little ones and knowing that their purchase also helped a family a long way away. O'Nessy's promotes handmade. O'Nessy's toys are designed and made to last a lifetime and beyond. They are carefully and lovingly handmade and they are designed for use. By buying toys which take a long time to make you are creating much needed rural employment in Bangladesh without adding to the throw away commercialised culture all too prevalent today.

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