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Shakespeare Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis can have a range of benefits. If done correctly it will improve the appearance and preserve the life of the carpets. A professional carpet clean will remove dust mites and bacteria to improve the indoor air quality for allergy sufferers, and remove difficult stains left by normal everyday cleaning. Unlike hardwood flooring, carpets act as a filter, trapping pollutants brought in from outside on our clothes, shoes, and skin. When your carpet gets full it is time to have a professional carpet clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is very similar to that of carpet cleaning when it comes to methods and the benefits it brings. Professional upholstery cleaning can have a range of benefits if done correctly including preserving the life of your furniture, removing dust mites and bacteria for allergy sufferers, removing stains left by normal everyday cleaning or simply providing a deeper cleaning process. There are many different methods but the most common, recommended by manufacturers, is Hot Water Extraction (HWE).

We also clean rugs, curtains & blinds

Rug Cleaning is very similar to that of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning where we offer a thorough deep clean using the hot water extraction method (HWE) or a dry method. The main difference for rug cleaning is that we can offer this service off site which means we can collect or you can drop off the rug for cleaning. Pricing starts at 20 depending on the size, material and any specific stains. Please see the carpet or upholstery sections for a more comprehensive explanation of the service we offer at Shakespeare Cleaning.

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